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Commodore Keiben Haistro

Name Keiben Haistro

Position Sector Commander

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 190lb
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Keiben is a lean, tall individual who keeps himself in shape at all times. His hair is kept short on the sides and mid length across the top and mostly unkempt, but never untidy. Often found sporting a beard that he keeps well groomed. His physique is important to him and maintains a very healthy lifestyle even if his eating habits do not reflect this. His smile comes easily and the laugh even more so but his scowl can chill to the bone.
His dire expression could be misunderstood as intimidating or angry but he has not a single aggressive bone in his body which comes across in his mannerisms. His dire expression makes him look older but his smile sends those looks back into boyhood.


Spouse Melanie D'BrooNi - CMO DS21. Natalie Haistro (Deceased)
Children Cassandra Haistro (Deceased)
Father Lukan Haistro (Deceased)
Mother Meave Haistro
Brother(s) Osil Haistro - Starfleet Officer. Lieutenant JG - Security Division, Deep Space 21
Sister(s) Ileyana Haistro - Starfleet Officer. Ensign - Science Division, USS Andromeda
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keiben’s uses his broadly muscular frame to intimidate those that he finds offensive but in truth he is a gentle soul.
He has a strong sense of family despite all of his family having been lost in the invasion of Betazed by the Breen during the Dominion war. He is still haunted by the things he saw when assigned to the retaking effort of his homeworld and the often fatal experiments run on his country men and women by the Dominion.
Keiben always has a ready smile and easy laugh as well as a relaxed attitude which seems to serve him well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Keiben does have a natural ability to defuse situations with a candid and often time’s wicked sense of humour. But on the flip side, his weakness can be a large degree of cautiousness and will second guess himself into a hole. Something his instructors at the academy commented on more than once given his desire to one day command his own ship.
Ambitions To one day command his own ship but he needs to over come his own inner demons before that can happen.
Hobbies & Interests Keiben is a simple man with simple tastes. Good food, good friends and the ability to explore and unearth forgotten secrets is all he truly desires in life. Everything else is just dressing on the cake. That said he does enjoy a good game a Parrises Squares and will grasp any opportunity to play. Also very heavily into his fitness routines.

Personal History Keibens was born in 2360 to two parents who could never have been happier. Lukan and Maeve had been told that it would be highly unlikely that she would be able to conceive due to medical irregularities yet they found miracles do happen. They called home a small village not far from the Jalara Jungle that had a sleepy way of life and nothing exciting ever happened. His youth was spent mostly climbing tree’s and playing games with his friends, or that was until he turned ten years old when his mother gave birth to his brother, Osil and a year after their sister Ileyana.

At school his teachers found him to have a keen mind and an aptitude for science, both chemistry and physics. He was soon powering on a head of the rest of his class in these areas along with physical education. He found sports to be less interesting but the health and pushing his body to the limit were his passion. Running, gymnastics, weight lifting all became part of his day to day routines at the age of fourteen and he also had taken his younger brother under his wing as he idolised him.

At the age of sixteen, an age that deciding on a career played at the back of ever teen’s minds was sparked. He knew he loved sciences, specifically now Archaeology, Stellar Cartography and Anthropology, plus he was in excellent physical condition with a mind that was sharp and in need off challenge. This was when he looked to Starfleet. He could enter the science track as well as still be pushed with his physical training.

It was at this time both his Mother and Father went missing and presumed dead by Starfleet. Details around the disappearance were kept very quiet by Starfleet and no answers were rapidly forthcoming.

The next two years he spent building his knowledge so he could excel at the Academy not only academically but in his physical endeavours as well and finally at the age of eighteen he enrolled in the academy and was accepted with high scores on the entrance exams on top of his duties of running one of the great Betazoid houses as he was now the heir to it.

It was very quickly he joined the swim, gymnastics and sprint teams and was competing against other students and in some cases some of the more adept species at these forms of sports. It was here that he met Natalie Gilmore in the year 2378. The two fell in love very quickly and despite her being a civilian that worked on campus they soon became engaged. They had planned the wedding to coincide with Keiben’s graduation from the Academy as it would give them a much greater chance of being able to live together on a facility or Starship that could house families.
Service Record His first posting after graduating was to Starfleet Science located on Starbase One in orbit of Earth. This gave both Keiben and Natalie the opportunity they needed to get married and start living together. She had taken the job of a school teacher on the instillation while he took on his duties as a junior science officer with the rank of Ensign. He remained in this post for nearly two years before a longing for more exploration started to pull him towards the stars.

At the first opportunity he applied for a deep space exploration craft that again could support families and again he was lucky enough to be posted to the USS Carolina in 2380, a Galaxy Class Starship that would be out in deep space for seven years. Both moved with a new spirit knowing they would be some of the first to see the things they would be uncovering. They both packed up and went.

The Carolina was a welcoming place with more than a few families on board, and children. The mission itself was simple enough with no problems for the first couple of years, but during this time Natalie fell pregnant and in after 9 months a baby girl was born who they gave the name of Cassandra.

Three years later in 2383, things turned bad. The Dominion war had started and Starfleet was thrust into war time conditions. Keiben’s family had to be returned to earth away from the Carolina as she would be sent into the front lines of the fight.

The Breen later joined the fight on the side of the Dominion. The attacked Earth to prove their worth to the Dominion and during the attack Keiben’s wife and child were lost but he had no time to stop and mourn as the build-up to the attack on Betazed to retake it from Dominion forces was in the works. His request for personal time had been denied and he was forced to continue. These two events would leave lasting scars on Keiben. Very shortly later that same year the alliance between The Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Empire forged forward with its campaign and forced the Dominion into surrender. It was now that Starfleet allowed him the time he needed to grieve and mourn the loss of his wife and daughter.

He returned a year or so later to duty with a promotion to Full Lieutenant and was reassigned to the USS Tolstoy, an old Curry Class Excelsior variant that had been assigned with simple patrol duty while Starfleet reassembled its fleet after the crushing losses during the war. Several years later he was assigned to the USS Sarek, a Sovereign Class exploration cruiser.

Shortly after this Keiben was again reassigned, this time to Deep Space Six as Chief Science Officer. This assignment lasted for a number of years and was then reassigned to the USS Copernicus as Chief science Officer and also promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He very quickly proved himself as an outstanding officer on this ship and was quickly asked to take on the position of Second Officer with a view to the Captain taking him under her wing to train him.

During a devastating attack a year later the entire crew with the exception of six individuals were killed. He was one of two command officers left alive. The USS Merlin rescued the ship and towed her back to Starbase were Keiben was offered command of the newly refitted science ship.

After one one assignment the Copernicus was again damaged leading to a simple investigation mission which resulted in a Cardassian Mystery being uncovered in the Briar Patch and the new home of the crew of Copernicus. This place would come to be known as Deep Space 21.