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Lieutenant Rohan Read

Name Rohan Read

Position Chief Security Officer

Second Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Personal History Alice gave birth to a lovely bouncing boy, Rohan John, in April 2358. The Read family lived on the Cardassian border colony of Setlik III. Both Alice and John were botanists on the Colony. They also had another child, a daughter named Finola, who was 10 when Rohan was born.

They hadn’t planned for the arrival of a second child but were over the moon when he arrived. He was always a mummy’s boy.

However, tragedy struck in 2362, when the Cardassian Militia assaulted the colony after believing Starfleet were going to use the colony as a staging ground for an assault on Cardassia Space. This Intelligence was far from the truth. As a result, most of the colonists were murdered by the Cardassians.

Rohan was the sole survivor from his family, both his parents were killed by the Cardassians by close range weapons fire. His sister’s body was never recovered. She was classed as missing presumed dead.

The four year old Rohan was taken aboard the USS Rutledge and transported back to Earth. He was placed in an orphanage. He wasn’t so lucky with finding a family. He drifted between foster families but was never officially adopted.

His childhood was difficult, moving schools, never setting down roots and never having friends. He ran away from his foster parents several times and got into some petty crime in his early teens.

Some firm words from a Commander while he sat in a brig helped change Rohan’s life for the better. He began to stay in school and complete his work, he now had a goal in life. He wanted to join Starfleet.

In 2376, Rohan applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. He began training to be a famed Starfleet Engineer. Two years into his stint at the academy, he was approached by Starfleet Intelligence. He was offered the chance to work for them, something he had no interest in but Intelligence persisted and Rohan finally gave in.

Once Rohan graduated from Starfleet Academy, in 2379, he disappeared straight away. His record was blank until he was assigned to the USS Oracle as their Chief Intelligence Officer.
Service Record 2376-2379: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2379-2394: Starfleet Intelligence - Classified
2394-2397: USS Oracle - Chief Intelligence Officer - Lieutenant JG
2397-Present: Deep Space 21 - Lieutenant JG

####Level 10 Security Clearance (Captain’s Security Clearance)####

2379-2383: Straight from the Academy graduation, Rohan was taken to a medical facility where he was surgically altered to look like a Romulan. He was then taken via third parties to Romulus. He was placed within the Romulan Government as an aide where he had clearance to monitor the Romulan senate and feed information back to Starfleet Intelligence.

Later in the year he was able to give Starfleet information about Shinzon’s assassination of the senate.

Once Shinzon had been killed and a new Praetor selected, Rohan continued to monitor the Romulan Government for several years to come.

2383-2386: After being recalled from Romulus and debriefed. He was then surgically altered as a Cardassian and placed into the Cardassian Military. A job he despised given that the Cardassian Military were the ones that murdered his family. Starfleet Intelligence used his sister to keep him there and feeding them information. However, everything to do with the Setlik III massacre was classified.

2386-2391: Again, recalled from Cardassia and debriefed before again being surgically altered again. This time to look like a Bolian. His cover would be financial advisor from the Bank of Bolarus. He would help clean money for the Orion Syndicate. Whilst doing this he would slip Starfleet Intelligence information on all financial transactions to and from the Syndicate. However, during his time there he gave SI opportunities that they have never had before. He was ordered to being taking out targets of high priority.

2391-2394: Error…..

####Level 15 Security Clearance (Admiral’s Security Clearance)####

2391-2394: Rohan was ordered to take out a high ranking Orion official. His mission went well until he was caught shortly killing his target. He was identified as a Human and surgically altered back to his true self.

Starfleet pulled all ties with him and cut him loose. He was interrogated and tortured for a long time but never broke, although he came close a few times.

Instead of executing Rohan they threw him in prison. He tried on numerous occasions to escape but all ultimately ended in failure.

After two years in captivity, he was released into Starfleet’s care. Although he wasn’t told directly why, he was given the impression that there had been an exchange of sorts. However, he never found out details.

Back home in the Federation, Rohan was given specialist care for his wounds both physical and mental. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Rohan underwent months of counselling and other therapies to help him get back on his feet.

At the end of his recovery process, he was deemed unfit for field work again. Wanting to keep a close eye on him Starfleet Intelligence thought a Starship role would suit him better. They have him the rank of Lieutenant JG and assigned him to the USS Oracle.