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Lieutenant JG Abrasax

Name Abrasax

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Denobulan/Antaran
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10” (177cm)
Weight 180lbs (82kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Heterochromatic Left: Brown, Right: Blue. It may have something to do with being a Hybrid.
Physical Description With mixed Denobulan and Antaran biologies the side-head ridges of Denobula as well as the facial V shaped ridges and expanded brow of Antaran appear in harmony. The middle forehead indent of Denobula was visible as well but less defined.

It is possible that the mixture of Antaran and Denobulan genetics has some unforeseen effects on growth and lifespan. There are some in the colony at the time the Federation found them, and because of hybrids they have learned greater medical knowledge. Though third or second only to their homeworld's experts in the science and medical fields.

He is in prime physical condition with a little help from muscle workouts and weights, occasionally he likes running and various exercising dance forms.


Father Leequan (Denobulan)
Mother Tazea (Antaran)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Living in a colony where they had years of peace has given Abrasax a life without knowing much about war though his teachers did explain the prejudice and what it was like during the war. The colony treasured their mixed heritage children and that may have attributed to his somewhat puffed ego. Though the privileged life allowed him to excel at his education and plan his future in a variety of science and engineering fields.
Strengths & Weaknesses - His hybrid nature could make him subject to many conditions and effects that Denobulans and Antarans are strong against.
-/+ He'd rather work and explore his scientific interests and new ways of doing things rather than social interaction, though that is only because he hasn't really connected with many people.
-/+ He enjoys not being ordinary.
+ He loves meeting new people and species and cultures, especially new ways they do things.
+ He likes puzzling games and mysteries.
- He does tend to talk too much and seems to put himself into the center of attention.
Ambitions Of course, find a mate that completes him. Well who isn't, he isn't really sure as to what his partner will be like. He kind of wants to be surprised by the fates so to speak.
One day have his name in history for discovering something new and amazing. Or invent or build something that makes people's lives better while also joining those named in history for such things.
He is unsure about it but maybe getting into command training after a couple of years in Starfleet. It's a long time till he makes that choice but the thought of command has crossed his mind after hearing all the tales of the Federation's renown captains.
Hobbies & Interests Oddly he has an interest in the technical side of things as building, puzzle and fix it games seemed to resonate with him as he grew up. He'll try a sport before he decides to do it again, though during his academy days he did enjoy Parrises squares as it was something the academy had competitions for.

Personal History At the end of the Denobulan-Antaran War, in the 19th century: 1800. After a Denobulan cruiser captain and its crew had captured an Antaran transport with refugees onboard, the demons as the military doctrine, propaganda and hearsay had made the Antarans out to be, were nothing like what the Denobulans were told they were.

The Antarans were scared and on the run. During the Denobulans' boarding raid soon pleas and begging came their way. It became clear that their leaders and history were wrong and so the Denobulan captain began talking to the Antarans. Like it was planned by their gods, the Antaran refugees weren't of the same mind as their own military and leaders, soon the two groups became kindred spirits and quickly made their way out of their known space.

As they sought sanctuary the two groups already mingled. Soon they found a world and used the transport as a base for their new colony. In order to keep their secret the Denobulans soon figured that they'd eventually be discovered by either side and killed for their harmony. A plan was developed that they reported back the transport's destruction with all hands.

Once their service was done, many of the crew had been secretly talking with others about their views. Some of them were open minded, and knew nothing of the war or the why of it all, so joined the crew on the return trip to their new home. The colony flourished into a great small Domed city for many years, in an isolated part of the planet that wasn't quite capable of supporting life even though it had atmosphere, many hybrid children were about to be born, Abrasax was one of them but a day or so before a few were to be born the city suffered a power failure due to the age of their technology.

The increased strain on the limited resources, as exploration of the planet was still an ongoing project at the time of the failure using the Denobulan/Antaran jerry rigged rebuilt cruiser that has atmospheric engines, forced those left in the city to use the isolated power grid that sustained many stasis pods located beneath. It is a city block wide bunker with many levels should they ever get bombarded from orbit. Most of the population went into stasis in the hopes to be found one day. The cruiser returned a few days later and simply was docked into the city, like it was always part of the city, the crew quickly joined their friends and families in stasis once they found out about the power failure.

They had tried to use the cruiser but it was too old and wouldn't be able to power the city for long. It would be filled with as many as possible and sent to look for help but as the very last option should stasis fail. Many years passed and they were discovered by a trio of Starfleet ships on the run from a battle engagement a few days before the end of the Dominion War.

Luckily the Dominion didn’t show up as the Starfleet crews worked to investigate the domed city and eventually located the stasis chambers. They woke most of the colony and assisted with repairing the city and the cruiser. Those pregnant gave birth onboard the Starfleet ships.

Abrasax was among those born and about a quarter of the colony’s population, mostly the young adults, requested passage to explore this Federation that had sprung up during the many years they were in Stasis.

Abrasax’s parents were in that group and decided to live on Earth after a brief visit to Denobula and the Antaran colony that his mother had fled from. They were happy to learn their war had ended ages ago and both their peoples joined this Federation.

For his youth until he reached 15 Abrasax enjoyed the life he lived on Earth, though the Dominion war had the Federation somber as well as focused on rebuilding. He found he enjoyed studying various sciences as well as some medical, though it was when the two overlapped.

He entered Starfleet Academy a year later at 16 into the sciences division. He graduated at 20 and scored in the top 15 for astro sciences and stellar cartography, he only scored in the top 20 for planetary and xeno sciences.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 4 years 2385-2389, achieved scores that allowed his placement as a Science officer aboard the USS Blank(name pending)
USS Blank(name pending), Science officer: 2 years
USS Blank(name pending), promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer after showing initiative in a variety of duties as well as assisting many in the department with their duties in a friendly, calm, timely manner that got the department's orders done. Remained on the USS Blank(name pending) for a further 2 years before he chose to transfer to a station.
Deep Space 21: Assistant Chief Science Officer.