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Unguento et Variis Animantium Dentium

Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 3:30pm by Ensign L'johk Adams & Commander Tamaska Holt & Lieutenant JG Sher'ra Verona & Ensign Edward Teach & Petty Officer 1st Class Amalia Darcy

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: Gret'Oar'Zhan Bio Weapon Cold Storage Facility
Timeline: Mission Day 10 @ 13:55 Hours


Ten minutes later with those that were coming with Tam were assembled, she started the pace at jog. Then once they were in the jungle for a short time, they had to move and be careful. When the way was cleared, the pace was picked up. Would they get there in time? Tam could only hope.

Edward's eyes narrowed as he looked about the jungle. " Set phasers at maximum strength and keep your eyes around, above and behind us. These be some nasty greebles and they have no compulsion about picking ya off one by one or a straight on frontal assault. So keep your wits about you. "

"That what we are officially calling them sir?" Bobby said. "I supposed its easier to say than black sludge rage monsters."

"Well, the name works for now until we can figure out an official name." Tamaska replied, "I just don't understand why they were created."

Amalia was quiet for the time being then spoke up, " I still think that they are tough on the outside much like the make up of the planet killers. So if you want to kill them then you, shoot for the mouth. But we don't even know if they are intelligent or not. Its mystery, and if we don't find a way to stop them, we're not going to be in a good way. The Captain had said that Horn was connected as well. I suggest that we head towards where he is at and hopefully get him disconnected from the machine and maybe we can get rid of the jamming that is happening. I am also wondering if the ionization that is in the atmosphere is being controlled from where Horn is and it is placed there to keep the greeblies on the planet."

"Commander, I did some reseach into what these creatures could be from the descriptions you have all offered" Adams spoke up, slinging his phaser rifle over his shoulder. "I remember at the Academy, the instructors spoke of beings of incredible power, Q, Borg but one rang a bell... a being on Vagra 2 of the Zep Lapis sector... It was a being of pure hate that had been shed by its creators, living liquid with form... it called itself Armus if memory serves. It held hostage two officers from the Enterprise and killed a third for no reason!"

His own words making him nervous but he powered on to his question. "Could these creatures be similar, or maybe created or shed off like Armus?"

“Can we kill it?” Sher’ra asked simply. Her plans were straight forward at this point, protect the away teams and get home.

Tam's blood went cold, thinking of what Adam's said. "Oh for the love of.. No, I heard of that thing that kiled Tasha Yar, and makes sense with it shrugging off the stabs I was making on it. Armus. Horrible. Why would anyone want to experiment with something like that? "

Amalia had no answer, to that question.

Tamaska powered on, "I think we maybe getting near, I hope we can get Horn away from the machine if he is connected to it."

Sher’ra smirked, “do I get to shoot him too?”

Adams pitched in to Sher'ra's question, shrugging his shoulders but keeping his rifle ready for any surprises.
"If it worked the last time!"

"The T'Kon alledgedly had a civil war right?" Bobby said keeping his phaser primed. "So what if they made armies? Fight for them? Maybe it went wrong? They lost control? Left them all here?"

“That’s a pleasant thought” Sher’ra commented, wondering how they would be able to maintain control over such large numbers.

"Just before the sensors started to go offline we did pick up what looked like millions of life forms coming from the structure ahead but the readings were so faint they could have been a shadow or a ghost in the system."
Adams had only just remembered about this having shelved it for later not realising the gravity of the situation on the surface before now. "I'm sorry Commander... I would have mentioned it before but it didn't seem important at the time!"

Tamaska just shrugged, "No apology necessary, we are in a big unknown right here, but we now know and can sort of mentally prepare ourselves? If we can call it that. So next plan is we knock him out, get him away and hopefully we don't have to deal with a swarm. "

Amalia remarked, "So the T'Kon had a civil war so they created these poor creatures, who are now locked in a state of anger and frustration, plus the T'Kon had created the planet killers. That it a huge mess to clean up. And so from what you are saying.." Amalia commented "We're in deep trouble if we do not get Horn disconnected from the machine."

“Don’t worry, we’ll get him disconnected one way or another. Though I wish I’d brought my Mek’Leth with me. Sometimes you just need to smash something” Sher’ra said, as a thought occurred to her, “hey, when all of this is over, does anyone have any requests for meals I could prepare?”

"Perhaps now isn't the right time to be discussing meal plans... Not when we have to battle overwhelming odds in the face of total annihilation!" L'johK's lips pulled back in a very Klingon expression, pride, battle lust and anticipation. It was the first time he had really shown his Klingon heart. "It is a glorious feeling!"

More running, and around the bend there could be seen some buildings not far off as well as hearing the swells of the waves and the crashing sound as it beat upon the shore.

"Nice beach, well, would be nice if we weren't going to be dealing with whatever it is we'll be encountering." Tamaska quipped, trying to ward off her uneasiness of the whole situation.

Amalia took a look at Adam's noting the gleam in his eyes. L'jouK seemed very pleased with the prospect of battle. She answered Verona, "I take it you are hungry right now?"

Edward spoke up as he was still scanning the jungle. " Well a plate of Bangers and Mash with a good mug of ale would be nice. Or perhaps a roast mutton with stuffing and a bread pudding could work as well, with a nice brandy. " He glanced over to Verona and grinned at her. " If your asking for suggestions and we survive this that is."

"There!" Adams announced, hints of his joy at the coming glorious battle filling his voice. He was pointing to a dense section of the jungle but beyond it could be seen walls, some kind of structure. "That must be it!"

"Okay, head on a swivel." Tamaska paused. "Heck you all know the drill. Let's get moving!"



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