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No option but the chop

Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 10:18pm by EMH Mark IV & Lieutenant Melanie D’BrooNi
Edited on on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 @ 8:18pm

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Upon return to ship from T'Kon Base


Mel materialised in sickbay and was pleased to see Russ already active. The hologram reached out to help her and Tam secure Peter in the small surgical rooms biobed. Yelena Sidarov was dead. Mel knew it from witnessing the attack on her by the creature in her own team but they couldn't leave here there so they had carried her with them.

"Pulling all vitals and setting up safety and containment fields," Russ said. "You admistered Hzetorpi?"

"Yes," Mel said. "I need to get a sample of ..." she indicated her cheek, "and then decom and change before I can aid you. He was connected to a T'Kon console which was we think telepathically using him. I had to put him in a coma to shut things down. And he smashed his hand through something and his hand."

"I can see that. I will attempt to see what I can do in terms of the right hand and other injuries. You join me as soon as you can."

Mel nodded and disappeared to get a scanner for the black on her face and an old fashioned test tube scraping as much of the substance into it. She stored that safely and set deep analysis going. Then she stepped into decon which seemed the longest time ever before dressing in scrubs and returning back.

"He's showing evidence of nerve trauma all over but the worst damage is his hand. That console got into his body pretty hard. It may be similar to what happened with the captain. When we are finished here I will ensure to compare all the data on both of them," Russ told her.

Mel nodded sick to her stomach at the idea of Keiben having endured this too. She picked up an instrument and joined the EMH in trying to rescue some of the nerves and blood vessels in Peters hand. There was not much they could salvage but they were going to dam well try. She found herself clenching her teeth in frustration.

"He also it seems got kicked in the testicles, and stunned at shot range in the chest," Mel said. "His testicles are a little swollen but we can ice those. Its the least of his injuries.

His chest, thank the creators is burnt but not too burnt. That's treatable, I'm going to administer a topical ointment. Its just starting to blister but that can heal up in a couple of days."

"The commanders Nano's are completely in overdrive, seemly as traumatised as the rest of him," Russ told her. "And he's showing as aspirant pneumonia. I already administered treatment while you were changing and his airways are responding there."

"And we have no idea what the potential psychological effect from him being ripped from that thing .. will be," Mel said keeping an eye on his brain chemistry. "I will need to speak with the Captain as to his experience and we are going to need someone via subspace, there's no other counsellor onboard ready to speak with him when we do bring him out of this.

Has someone alerted his wife? If not computer can you alert Harley Horn that her husband is in surgery and I will speak with her as to his condition as soon as we are finished here," Mel told the computer.

"Yes Doctor," the computer replied.

"Okay the nano's can we do a hard reset? A mild EMP in his body perhaps? I'm no engineer ..." Mel said ... "But if we managed to switch it off and let it reboot, get back to the original programming. Get out whatever may have interfered with them?"

That was a worrying thought too the Trill mused. What if those nanos were now replicating in the T'Kon environment? She didn't know the full likelihood of that or how powerful they were but it was another thing to speak to engineering about.

Russ nodded. "I think it could be successful. Computer please ask for an engineer to come aid us. We need a small EMP creating that we can administer to the patient."


Hours later, Mels own nerves were frayed and she could feel the tell tale symptoms of coming down from adrenaline from all the running and horror from the T'Kon base descending on her.

"If we had got to him here faster his hand might have had more of a chance but its cut him up so badly and then the damage has degraded further while we made it back to the ship ...." the auburn haired doctor said sadly.

"Dr D'BrooNi we cannot save his hand," Russ stated. "There's too much nerve damage, tendons cannot be regenerated - we have tried the process several times now and the bones they have splintered in 11 out of 14 of his hand bones. Every time I manage to start regeneration on one, one of the others hurts another part of things."

Mel nodded knowing that to be the case as she had watched it several times. She tried to hold back some tears at her friends condition.

"I better inform the Captain," she said sadly. She didn't wish this on her friend but there were options afterwards at least. "Prepare to amputate."


Dr Mel D'BrooNi
Chief Medical Officer
USS Corpernicus

EMH Npc Mel


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