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Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 9:09pm by Commander Peter Horn & Charlie Brooks

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: School aka Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD8 09:00


"I hate having to go to school when we are landed on a planet. Don't you think we could convince them to let us out you know for a field trip," Lance moaned as they made their way to the holodeck as they did 5 days a week.

"Unlikely," Charlie said bored already and shuffling her bag over her shoulder with her homework PADDs in.

Lance merely looked at her fleetingly, "But you're yeoman. Don't you have the Captain's ear?"

"Lance do you really think that I hold any sway over the Captain and he's going to let us just set off out onto a planet they haven't even chartered properly yet," the teen said irritated. "Open arch," Charlie said to the door. It flashed and logged them for "attendance" set up by their prior engineering chief to keep an eye on them of course and they walked in.

"Woah look new holograms? Do you think they finally cottoned on to we need more than each other and a holographic teacher to interact with before going insane?" the human boy asked.

Charlie looked at him fleetingly. "No you numpty they are Horns not Holograms. My mother knows the family." The were sat very Vulcan like. Upright as if not comfortable, early of course. No alien with Vulcan blood would be late.

"Lance, Connor and ermmm Ilyas right?" she tried to remember what her mother had said. Mum knew the family, Charlie hadn't had much interaction. Well other than knowing her uncle Tay though the universe about their older sister apparently.

The older boy nodded, though he looked like he was gearing up to protect his younger brother if needed. The younger, on the other hand, wouldn't have any of that and sprang forward, beaming at the two others. "I'm Ilyas," he said proudly, "and I'm ten. Who are you?"

“Lance, ” the human boy said.

“Charlie, ” the teen said taking her seat next to the elder Vulcan. “Ive heard mention of you both but we haven't met before. At least I don't think so.”

"I think we've been here a few days now, close to a week," Connor replied, "we've been at home getting settled. Didn't know about this program until someone tipped of dad." He sat down, motioning for his little brother to do the same.

“How are you settling in?” Lance asked sitting down also. “Its great to have some new faces you know.”

Ilyas nodded, smiling brightly for a moment. " you always stay here or do you get to explore the ship too?"

"Ily...." Connor warned in low voice, "don't you go getting in trouble, you know what dad thinks about you sneaking off." It was clear he wanted to be the responsible older brother.

"Oh shut up," the younger one bit back, looking back at the other two. "Do you?" he prompted.

"I'm the Captain and XOs yeoman. I suppose I get to see some places like the bridge, their offices and the briefing room but truthfully they do keep us on a tight leash down here," Charlie said. "Lessons, homework, rinse repeat,"

"Occasionally they get another teacher to subspace in or the used to before ... well what happened," Lance looked uncomfortable, "Get one of the staff to come teach the odd lecture or lesson."

"I get to hang out in sickbay sometimes but Mum puts me to work," Charlie sniffed. "Hey .." she leaned closer to the stiff Connor. "Hes just curious and probably feeling cooped up. No need to be a stick in the mud.

She turned back and addressed the younger Horn, "Don't worry Ilyas, we will show you where we can show you."

"I'm not a stick in the mud," Connor replied stiffly, "I'm just trying to keep him out of trouble. You've no idea what he'll get himself into if given the chance. Dad will be very mad, if he does."

"Anyone who is a stick in the mud, argues they are not a stick in the mud," Charlie told him. "And wow .... okay live your life doing everything your father says having no fun at all then. Even when my father was alive he took a very different and better approach there. If I wanted to see or understand something we made it an adventure between us and took me."

"You don't know our dad and you don't know us," Connor answered curtly. "And I'm sorry your dad isn't alive anymore, but you don't know he would do things differently."

"Connor!" Ilyas exclaimed. "Please excuse my brother...he is an over protective big brother, he really shouldn't have to. We're perfectly safe here right." The younger boy tugged at Charlie's arm to get her attention. "What kind of adventures?"

"He's an overprotective "something" alright, and I knew my dad thank you. If your modelling yourself on yours, I'm really not wanting to get to know him better believe me," Charlie snarked back at him. "In fact I don't really want to know you right now.

Lance swap seats with me. I don't care if he's one of the first other kids in our class I'm not trying to be friends with a prissy Vulcan who needs to make such a big deal over his little brother wanting to have a tour of the ship and us being nice offering to do it."

Lance gave Connor a sympathetic look but did as he was told. "Ilyas," Charlie merely said. "When I show you round, if your dad and the stick in the mud lets you of course," she glared at him, "I'll tell you about my adventures."

"They won't..." Ilyas openly glared at his older brother. "he's no fun... i wish my sisters were here, they were funner... Lilah used to get in some mischief with me, sometimes. But she's not here, and Seleya isn't either. She's just started at the academy."

Connor said nothing, shaking his head at Lance. He took pride at being called 'Vulcan' even if he was far more Human than he personally cared for. It really showed how different the two boys were because Ilyas was clearly showing a more Human behaviour.

There was a flash and the holographic teacher made her appearance. “Good morning class. I see we have some new faces. Why don't you tell us about yourselves?”

Ylias was eager to speak but Connor beat him to it. "I'm Connor Horn and tis is my little brother Ilyas. We also have two older sisters, Lilah and Seyela but they're not on board. Our mother is a nurse in sickbay, and our father is the new chief counsellor. We've just moved here." Obviously, as this was their first session in class.

Charlie sat back knowing a barrage of preprogramed questions would follow. "Well I'm your teacher Mr Jenkins. Where did you both move from? Tell us about your last home?"

"We stayed at Starbase Fifty for a little while, after leaving the Imperator," Connor replied, "it was more of a transit than anything else. The Imperator was a big ship, very big compared to this tug."

"Connor!" Ilyas exclaimed, "this isn't a tug, its a beautiful little ship."

"She might be smaller than what you're used too but she will surprise you," Charlie told him with a degree of fire no one was expecting. "And she has some straight up sass. So be respectful."

"I've never heard you so passionate about the ship before," Spluttered the other human.

"Well no ones ever been so rude as to call her a "Tug" before," Charlie shrugged.

"It is rude," the younger Horn boy agreed, "she's a gorgeous ship, and I can't wait to explore!

"We appear to be moving off topic," the holographic teacher interjected. "How are you settling in?"

Charlie rolled her eyes. This was going to be a long morning. She chanced a glance at Lance. He looked like he could start laughing at any moment.

"Oh just fine," Connor replied, "probably will take a while for this to feel like home, right?"

"He's not exactly making friends ..."

"Charlie ...." Lance groaned.

"Well calling the ship a tug, telling me I didn't know my dad, being mean to his little brother ...." the brunette stated.

"I think thats enough Miss Miller," the teacher said loudly. "Clearly we are going to have to set an assignment to get you working better with Connor as with Lance. You are all the students on this ship. I do not wish to be trying to teach a group of children who cannot get on."

Lance leaned forward. "If she suggests a concert ... no don't go there and never let her near your hair."

"I do not sing," Connor chuckled, "I leave that to my mother."

"I sing!" Ilyas piped up and promptly startled yowling some old Earth song.

Connor just shook his head, trying to hide a smile.

"You are so cute Ilyas," Charlie smiled at him. "Such a lovely brother. Its a shame your a stick in the mud," she directed at Connor.

"Miss Miller," the teacher said curtly. "This is your second warning."

"Maybe we could start the lessons Mr Jenkins," she smiled overly sweetly. "Then I can focus more. What are we doing today?"

The holo teacher didn't get sarcasm. "Well in honour of our new students I thought perhaps some Vulcan history.

Charlies smile disappeared.

Connor just looked smug while Ilyas bounced with childish excitement.



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