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Come Fly With Me

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2021 @ 11:17pm by Ensign Robert "Bobby" Matthews & Ensign Lillian Carter & Ensign L'johk Adams

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: Waverider Shuttle
Timeline: Mission Day 9 @ 0946 Hours


Lillian had arrived at the Waverider first and was going through the pre-flight checks. She was expecting Ensign Matthews to join her. The mission was straightforward enough. Scans from orbit had detected no large objects or lifeforms in the atmosphere and Lillian was looking forward to seeing what this ship could do.

"Ma'am," the male human voice rang out. "Ensign Matthews. I'm your security attachee," he smiled at her. He was about to boldly walk in and take the chair next to her, thinking wow the flight chief was very nice looking when a much larger body strolled in past him. Working under and recognising another Klingon Hybrid, probably complete with temper he didn't challenge the man as he headed inside first. He figured he better let him take point at the front and sat down in the seat behind.

"Morning folks" the burly hybrid opened with. "The Cap asked me to see if you needed anything else before you left for your mission... I'm at your disposal if you need me, if not then I need to go relieve some terrified Petty Officer whos sat in the Captain's chair right now!"
He stopped behind the co-pilot's chair, not sitting down but turning it just enough to let Ensign Matthews take the seat.

Still working her console, Lillian replied. "No, I think we're all good here Sir but we'll keep an open channel with the ship."

Adams playfully tapped the blond on the shoulder. "Don't you start calling me sir as well" he jested. "I'll have the bay cleared and you can depart at your leisure!"
The burly Klingon hybrid squeezed past the other man and exited the shuttle, his destination the bridge to take command while the teams were all away. "See you when you get back!"

Lillian cast a sideways glance over to Matthews as she worked and raised an eyebrow slightly curious. "We're almost ready for departure. And you can call me Lillian."

"Okay well in that case feel free to call me Bobby," he offered. "How long have you been flying?" He asked. "Did you put the ship down on the planet?"

She nodded as she continued to bring the Waverider online. "Every day at the academy. They couldn't pry me out of the pilot's seat and yes, I did land the ship. She finished the pre-launch checklist and looked at him a bit more closely. He was quite good looking, she thought to herself.

"So what's your story?"

"Fresh out of the academy. First post. Heard they lost a lot of people due to an attack. None of the original crew seem to want to talk though," Bobby said.

The comm sprang to life and the cheerful voice of Ensign Adams filtered through.

'Hanger bay doors are open and you are clear to depart. See you when you get back!'

Bobby raised a hand and waved from the cockpit as he moved to sit next to the chief. He had almost got his seatbelt on when she punched it. And she really punched it.

The small craft ascended into the air and briefly held it's position over the Copernicus while Lillian calibrated all the sensors and reported in "Waverider to Copernicus. Launch successful. I am establishing a data link with the ship. I have a fix on all landing party personnel and we are commencing our scanning mission."

"Confirmed. We are picking up some kind of surge in the local ionising interference, communication could get spotty. Copernicus out!" and with that the line was cut allowing Carter and Matthews to make a start.

She shot a look sideways to Matthews. "Nothing fancy today, just a standard recon pattern. If you handle the sensors, I'll handle the flying."

Bobby nodded. "I can manage that." It was a shame he didn't get to step foot on the planet or see any of these ruins but he got to meet her, so it evened out a little.

Lillian entered a methodical flight pattern and began crisis crossing the sky. She case a sideways glance to Mathews. He's quite cute, she thought to herself. I wonder if he knows how to treat a lady right? She then noticed something strange. The ionising interference was getting worse and the thrusters were starting to act strangely. "How's the scan coming along?" She asked, trying to keep the tone of her voice light. "Thruster power is starting to fluctuate." she activated the comm "Waverider to Copernicus." A massive burst of static came over the speaker. "Copernicus..... That ionisation is getting worse. We can barely read you. It's starting to affect our propulsion. I recommend we return to the ship."

"Wav... this i...rnicus. ...y read y... ay aga..." the unmistakable tones of Ensign Adams could just be heard in the breaks between static bursts.

"I'm sorry ma'am," Bobby said. "There is no indication what's causing this. And it just happened. Almost like something is ..." he looked at her darkly. "It's like something doesn't want us patrolling around. Ermm," he pointed at the cockpit displays. "That's not good. How are the engines starting to fail? We need to land or we are going to crash."

Lillian was concentrating on flying, understanding he was under some pressure just them, she didn't comment on the Ma'am. "I can't find the source of the problem, but it's getting worse. Start looking for somewhere we can set down."

Bobby swallowed hard. "There's really not that many viable options. I mean terrain wise your best bet is here. Fairly flat, not woods and mountains and things."

Keeping her voice calm she replied. "We're going to need something a bit closer than that!" her hands were moving faster over the controls as the thrusters sputtered once and then ominously fell silent.

"That can't be good," Bobby said his stomach lurching and that was before they started to plummet.

"Oh! I'd say something like..... Right here!" She said, pressing herself back into her chair. I've tried to stabilise our decent but it's out of my hands now. Gravity has taken over. Brace for impact!" She activated the comm system one more time. "Carter to Copernicus. Mayday! We're lost engines and are going down. Our position is roughly 10Km Southeast of you, bearing 175. The ionisation effect is preventing the use of our transporter."

"Ensi... ter can... peat, messa... ear. Copernic... Carter, do y... ad us?"

The ground was now rushing towards them at an alarming speed. Lillian closed her eyes tight, as, despite herself, tears ran down her cheek. "I.... Don't want to die... I've never been with...." she whispered to herself.

Bobby found himself throwing himself over her in a bid to try protect her from whatever might come next. "Lets not die then ehh," he said trying to stay calm.

Lillian was braced for the inevitable. It seemed like it was taking forever. At the last moment, she dared to peak, only to see the ground only meters away.... Then blackness.


Ensign Lillian Carter
USS Copernicus

Ensign Bobby Mathews
Security officer npc Mel D'BrooNi
USS Copernicus


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