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Time to work

Posted on Thu Nov 10th, 2022 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant JG Alena Alessa

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Alena sighed. Time had passed faster than she had expected, as she had been busy with paperwork. She looked at her padd. It was already late afternoon. She could've sworn it was 10:15 AM. She pushed her chair away from the desk. She had managed to put together a usable, albeit it for now, empty schedule.

With another sigh, she decided to stretch. Standing, Alena stretched all her muscles. Her neck ached slightly due to keeping focus on the task at hand for so long.

As she settled at her desk again, she looked over her work one last time, and then sent it out to everyone, making sure that the document would update when an appointment was made.

Now that she was done, she went to the replicator and got herself some hot chocolate. With a look around the office, Alena decided to get some comfy chairs, some blankets and something to hang on the walls of the office. To her, the office was painfully bland and cold.

She had grown up with colors and laughter throughout her entire childhood. The office could definitely do with some color, she decided. Ah well, she thought. 1 thing at a time. "I can do this", she told herself out loud. "People need help. Hopefully i won't make things worse". Alena smiled briefly, despite the overwhelming task she had at hand. People needed to cope with the ordeal of going back in time, and then return to their own timeline. She went back to work.


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