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Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2023 @ 7:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Junjie Han

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Lieutenant Commander Junjie Han. Commander USS Copernicus.

As of this day I have received command of the Copernicus, I have taken a shuttle over to the Copernicus and have brought personal effects to place in my quarters and my office. The command codes have been transferred over and logged into the computer, the repair dock workers are still on board and have nearly completed repairs of the ship. Soon she'll be ready to depart and begin our exploration of six nearby star systems that haven't been charted as of yet. That will be our first task, gathering information and cataloging. That is after all a science vessels first and foremost duty. Explore, Discover and Report.

I sat in the command chair for the first time, and it felt so surreal. It doesn't seem all that long ago that long ago when I first saw the Copernicus being towed and tractor beamed into place after it had taken heavy damage and the death and carnage aboard the ship was devastating to the crews morale. it took awhile to rebuild the ship and crew, and that task has been completed and now we're ready to go explore.

When I first arrived here and assigned to the zodiac fleet, I was excited to be getting my first assignment as a department head and made the Chief Science Officer of the ship. Little did I realize that my life would be turned on it's head and would be changed forever.

The next big change in my life was when I met the Executive Officer of the Copernicus. I had no idea at the time that I had met the love of my life and my soulmate, the woman who is now my wife, Commander Tamaska Holt. After many adventures together we were married. What I did to deserve such a truly wonderful woman like her is beyond me. I can't imagine my life without her in it anymore. Nor would I want to.

After the discovery of a abandoned Cardassian in federation space and the horrors that it took to defeat the stations AI which I will write about one of these days when the memories aren't so painful.

After the Station was reactivated and brought under federation control and renamed DS 21, I was made the Chief Science Officer of the Station and was transferred off the ship to take on the duties here. It feels strange that I'm going to have to appoint a new chief science officer to the Copernicus. To the office that I once held myself.

Now I wander the halls of this ship as it's new commanding officer, it still feels like a dream of gossamer that will vanish at any moment. What the future holds for me and this ship is still yet to be seen, but whatever it is, we will face it together with dignity and the honor of Starfleet science. Our mission to go forth and expand the knowledge of the federation and improve our lives through peaceful exploration and discovery.

End Log.


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