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Pendant and truth

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2023 @ 8:10am by Lieutenant JG Alena Alessa

466 words; about a 2 minute read

Alena looked at the small pendant on her desk. It was a small angel. She wondered where it had come from. Her mother had always called her "her little angel" Could it be related to that nickname? Alena sighed and thought back to a conversation she had had with her mother a few hours ago.
Ma, did you send me the angel pendant I'm looking at now?", she had asked. Her mother, Catarina, had sighed. "No. But I better tell you the truth dear", the woman said. "What truth?", Alena has asked.
"You aren't of 50/50 betazoid/human lineage, I'm the one that is 50/50 betazoid/human blood", Catarina said. "What am I then?", Alena had asked. "I don't know what your father is, but he didn't leave us out of not wanting to be a father. He left to protect us", Catarina said.
"Was that why we left Brazil?", Alena had asked. "Yes. Your father was the one who asked Mrs. Anderson to take us in. Not that it was ever a problem. From what I gathered, Mrs. Anderson's family had helped his people for generations. It seemed to me that she was aware of him having to leave us. After you were born, things were quiet for a few years. Unfortunately, people started to ask questions around the time you were 5 years old. That was why we left Brazil. Mrs. Anderson brought us to Washington, USA. However, us leaving Brazil was noticed. When you were in high school, people started asking questions again", Catarina had said with a sigh. "When you found Mrs. Anderson dead, I believe that she died protecting us. While you didn't find signs of a break-in, I believe that intruders tried to interrogate her". Alena had thought it over at that point. "I didn't see any signs of a cause for death", she had said at that time.
"Mrs. Anderson didn't give anything away. I'm sure of that. I believe that the intruders killed her to take away the person who stood between them and us", Catarina had said with a sigh. "Or rather: them and you". "What about the pendant I found? Where did it come from?", Alena had asked then. "Your father must have a lot of connections. I have been receiving small tokens from who-knows-who myself. I believe your father has connections that enables him to send things like these tokens", Catarina had said with a sigh.

They had ended the call after that, leaving Alena more confused than ever. She wasn't of betazoid/human lineage? She had no clue as what was going to happen. But she needed answers and it seemed her blood might yield some answers. She decided to go to sick bay and see if there were anyone willing to help her out.


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