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Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 8:47pm by Commander Tamaska Holt & Charlie Brooks

Mission: Episode 2 - Echoes Of An Empire
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Before landing on the planet with T'Kon Base


Tamaska paced up and down in the arboretum, trying to determine just how to approach Charlie about the matter of Junjie. After a few minutes of thinking Tamaska just shrugged, there wasn't any sort of delicate way to approach the matter, so she went and set up her holoprogram which she utilized to keep up to date with her horse riding. The scenery was a meadow with a stream, blue sky and mountains and trees around. Much like her home was like. She gave out a whistle to bring over a couple of horses who came up to nuzzle her. Behind Tamaska was a building which held the gear to saddle up the horses.

Giving a nod to herself, Tamaska tapped on the commbadge, "Charlie, if you are available would you meet with me in the holodeck, please."

"Yes Commander," Charlie said. She made her way to the holodeck and was surprised to walk into an environment with horses. "What can I do for you Commander?" she asked.

Tamaska ran her hand down the forehead of the horse then turned to Charlie, "You can call me Tam right now, Charlie. "giving her a bit of a smile. "We've got something to talk about, on a personal level, woman to woman. I have heard that you and I have somewhat the same tastes in men. Someone who is really smart, kind and a gentleman and very good looking."

"Oh no you like Junjie too?" Charlie said mortified.

Tamaska nodded, and blushing just a little bit. "Yes, I do like Junjie as well. I mean come on, what's not to like about him, right? I had gone to talk to your mom about what's been happening with me and that is when I found out you really like Junjie too." the horse nickered nuzzled Tam then nuzzled Charlie.

"Anyway I wanted to talk to you about Junjie, let you know I wanted to date him too. However, I just don't want to cause any bad feelings between us either, Charlie."

"Well how exactly is that supposed to happen when I like him too?" she demanded. "You spoke to my mother. She knows I like Junjie? This isn't fair. You shouldn't be talking about me unless its work related."

"It only came up innocently when we were talking about Junjie apparently she noticed that you had feelings for him. I said I needed to talk to you. That is all. There was no gossiping about you nor really any talk except for that. I had no clue that you liked Junjie, Charlie. So out of respect I wanted to talk to you, woman to woman. Even though you are 14 you are not a snot nosed brat at all. You've dealt with so much which makes you, in my own estimate, maybe more like 16 Or even 17? Mentally wise." Tamaska stated matter of factly.

"Oh I'm far more mature than people give me credit for. Junjie will see that," Charlie said defensively. "And I'm a lot younger. Men like younger woman."

Tamaska raised an eyebrow there, "There is the problem with your age though. Not necessarily your mental maturity. If Junjie even has the idea of dating you and tries, he would end up in jail, plus I am sure your mother would kill him. I would. You are not the legal age to get into a relationship with him. And I don't think he would want to go out with you because of your age, Junjie has honor, and wouldn't take advantage of you. He never struck me to be the sort to take advantage of a young woman. Do you want him to go to jail or lose his life?"

"I think you ought to let Junjie think for himself," Charlie stated firmly. "But for the record I hate both you and mum now. And as you have age on your side in this case, and a lot of it ..... you better get a ring on your finger Tam or I will be making a huge play for him as soon as I legally can. Don't think that by sticking me in a class with a robotic teacher, idiot Lance and now that proud Vulcan all conniving to push me towards them or having Keiben repeatably tell me I'm the daughter he never had, that you can all control my personal life. They ain't much onboard this tiny ship as it is and you might get to order me around as a yeoman but anything else I don't have to listen too."

Tamaska placed her fingers to her lips and blew a sharp piercing whistle, to stop Charlie's tirade "Take it back a notch, Charlie. Okay, you are having to deal with a robotic teacher, and Lance is being a stick in the mud and... um you are being pushed towards what a romance between... you and... Horn's son and Lance? And you are so ticked off that you are insulting my age. Well now." giving a shrug. "Should I get angry at that? I could but I am not. Two hot heads in one area isn't good at all. Yes, Junjie can think for himself and I am not doing his thinking either. And are you worried that Keiben is trying to take your dad's place and that your mom is forgetting about your dad?"

"You know your not a counselor," the teen pouted. "And I'm not a horse so don't whistle at me like I am one. You drag me down here to inform me your going to date the guy and I'm too young and your wondering why I'm upset. How did you honestly think this was going to go down?"

"Part of my duties as an XO is to be something of a counselor okay? And the whistle was more of a time out, pause in the game as it were. And yes, I did expect this. there is no way to even put it in a sugar coated way. Heck I sort of expected a slap too." Tamaska added with a serious expression. And she wasn't joking.

"You know that's a GOOD idea," Charlie roared raising her hand and slapping the older woman hard. She staggered back staring at her hand which was now shaking. Bursting into tears she said shakenly, "I hate you."

Oh that slap from Charlie smarted, it actually made Tamaska move doing a half turn and causing some tears. She felt a bit of anger rise but she fought it down, Tamaska had opened the door for Charlie to slap her, and it happened. Even though it was a punishable to send Charlie to the brig but Tamaska wasn't going to do that, not at this moment. Instead she walked over to where Charlie was, and put an arm around her, pulling her close. "I am sorry, I really am. And boy, can you slap hard." moving her jaw a bit.

"No ... no .. " the teen forcibly pulled herself away. "No ..... you do not hug me. Good luck with your relationship. I hope you will be very happy together," she said in a low voice clearing not meaning any of it at this point and backing as far away from her as possible. "And tell Junjie from me. Thank you but I will no longer be needing his tutoring services."

With that she ran out the door sobbing.

Tamaska watched as Charlie left, a sad expression in her eyes. She turned to the horse which reminded her of her personal horse back home. "Well, I've muddled that one up. Poor girl, I am hoping that things will get sorted out." Tamaska buried her head against the neck of the horse who nickered and rubbed her head against Tamaska. "I really feel for Charlie and Mel." Tamaska becoming lost in thought trying to puzzle things out.


Charlie Brooks
Yeoman and heartbroken teen
USS Copernicus

Tamaska Holt
XO and a concerned friend.
USS Copernicus


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