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Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 6:48pm by Rear Admiral Leena Haistro & Commander Lillian Carter

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Mission: Episode 1: Palingenesis
Location: USS Cerberus - Main Engineering


The Admiral had seen from the viewing ports that the Cerberus had been badly damaged and she had to admit, although the Prometheus Class was not necessarily the newest class in the fleet she still had teeth. It amazed her that her daughter in law, Mel D'BrooNi had managed to do that much damage to the attack ship in nothing more than a refit Oberth Class.

She had boarded and started to make her way down to Main Engineering and for the most part the internal damage had been corrected... For the most part! As she rounded into Engineering she could see that the warp core was still absent, several consoles had been removed and piles of debris from the battle had been left in corners ready for disposal.
"What did she do to this ship?" Leena asked herself really trying to take in what Mel had achieved.

Carter, who was overseeing the repair efforts in engineering came over to her, still not at ease in her own skin and slightly disturbed by how easily the parasite that had been in her had controlled her. "Although I was present at the battle, I don't really remember much of it Admiral. I know she managed to disable the shields with some kind of inverse tachyon pulse before disappearing into a nebula."

"I'm guessing the battle damage is from the Federation fleet that followed her back to this region?" Leena asked gently already sensing the younger woman's discomfort at the idea of being out of control of herself.

Lillin nodded. "It was difficult to convince them to cease fire, once the....." Her voice trailed off and she shuddered as she remembered the parasite dying inside of her and being expelled from her.

"I can only imagine!" Leena retorted softly feeling a pang of pain knowing her adoptive son would have perished at the moment Commander Carter had been freed from her living hell.
"I do have something I would like to talk to you about... It is Kei's... Commodore Haistro's thoughts about your career, if you have a moment."

Her head snapped up at the mention of Haistro's name and something, a memory that wasn't quite hers of her and him.... No! No, she thought to herself as he pushed that thought from her mind. That never happened!
What she said aloud was. "Of course Admiral. I assumed the Commodore was.... Satisfied with my performance."

"More than satisfied. Almost five months ago he actually completed the paperwork for your promotion... I've also seen and read his logs. He thought a great deal of your Commander. He was proud of what you had achieved and I see it as only fitting that his final order be to enact his final wishes".
Leena moved forward a single step, producing a small gold circular pin. "Congratulations Commander".

Lillian smiled. "Thank you Admiral. It's an honour to.... Woah. I'm sorry. I went a bit lightheaded there for a moment, just the excitement." She took a deep breath and steadied herself.

"As i was saying, I'm honoured and I hope to do justice to his memory. He was a good man."

"Yes" she said softly with a modicum of maternal pride and sorrow as she reached up to remove the single black centred pip to replace it with the full gold.
"Its nice to start a command with at least some good news" she stepped back and looked at the Commander. "Congratulations!"

Lillian smiled as she felt the new pip on her collar. "The repairs to the Cerberus should be complete in the next 72 hours."

"There is no rush Commander... We have other duties to take care of first" she said squeezing the younger woman's arm gently. "Well, I had best get out of your hair. I will be calling a senior staff meeting in the coming days".

Lillian managed a smile. "Thank you Admiral. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the repairs.



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