Episode 1: Palingenesis

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After the events of recent months, key people from the station now departed never to return, the torn families trying to heal after the silent invasion thwarted by Commander Horn and D'BrooNi. It came at to high a cost. Commodore Keiben Haistro killed in action, his body having been consumed by the parasitic beings that had attempted to use his body to forge a beachhead by which they could take control of the Federation... They almost succeeded.

In the wake of those events the station has been left under the command of Commander Peter Horn while a new CO can be found... Life goes on, the only orders Starfleet have given Horn is to rebuild, heal and continue to explore the region the station is located, perhaps uncover some understanding as to how and why the Cardassian Station is so deep within Federation space.

Mission Group Season 2
Start Date Sat Nov 18th, 2023 @ 3:53pm

Mission Summary