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Chance Encounters

Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 6:52pm by Rear Admiral Leena Haistro & Lieutenant Rohan Read & Lieutenant JG Alena Alessa

709 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Episode 1: Palingenesis
Location: Promenade


It had been a bit of a day, emotional to say the least as she had started to meet the people that had worked under her Nephew at this bizarre yet beautiful place. Just walking down the promenade, the running fire fight damage mostly cleaned up now but still some scars here and there. An information kiosk devoid of power and a black scar across its main face, a sign leaning up against the side of the exposed bar which read 'Niska's Place' and the infirmary nothing more than a burnt out shell from the explosion that had torn through it, a lot of the engineering teams still working on it to bring it back online.

She once again tugged at her blue collar wishing she had discussed the division switch with the Admiral before she had left Starbase 308 as it was still attracting some attention from passers by.
"I need to read over the reports as to what happened?" she said quietly to herself, not noticing the approach of a security Lieutenant and a sciences Blue officer.

"Admiral Haistro?" Lieutenant Read said as he approached the Admiral who was dressed in the more unusual colour of blue. Read had only seen a handful of Admiral's in his time within Starfleet that didn't wear the usual Command Red as they're uniform.

"Lieutenant" her eyes having darted to his collar to check before she spoke and offered a nod of greeting to the women at his side. "Forgive me but I am not yet up to speed with the crew manifest".

"Rohan Read, ma'am. Stations chief of security." 'Barely.' He thought to himself. Remembering the moment that the Commodore had promoted him to the position only days earlier. "This is Lieutenant Alena Alessa, DS21s chief counsellor."

"I'm sorry to be meeting you under these circumstances" she didn't want to say it was due to the death of her nephew come son. "How are things around the station at the moment?"
Leena was looking directly at the young Counsellor, hoping she would have her ear to the ground given recent events with the virus and the death of the station Commander.

Alena sighed. "After everything that has happened, the station is in disarray. Counseling-wise, it'll take me ages to work through everyone's reactions and feelings. As for the station itself. A lot has happened. Too much. People are worried about the current change of leadership, how the station will recover, and whether their businesses will survive or not", she said. "People have been fearing that the change of leadership will change their income, way of living, how they'll be able to pick up the pieces of their lives. A lot of people has been asking me about this. I've told them that there will be changes, but no one knows how it'll go. I'm not going to predict whether the changes will be good or not", she told Admiral Haistro with a tiny smile.
Alena sighed inwardly. This woman seemed competent from what little she had seen of her. The Admiral had likely not noticed that Alena had been watching her a few times already. She knew that the Admiral was her new superior. Hence, she had taken to, as the Admiral had been in the process of doing, to watch surroundings. Alena had liked to see the other woman taking note of pretty much everything. She hadn't ignored a single building.

"Understandable" Leena added. "Well, I won't keep either of you from your duties. I will be holding a senior staff briefing in the coming days so we can take stock of where we are!"

She looked at the pair, she had to ponder if the pair were a couple... they looked good together but she knew better than to say anything.
"Well, I will let the pair of you get back to your work... It was a pleasure meeting you both!"

Rohan nodded somberly at the Admiral. "It was a privilege to meet you too. If you need anything, please just ask, ma'am."

"Thank you... I will leave you both to your own company!" she said with a smile, watching as the two moved past her on onward down the promenade.



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