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Feeling His Presence

Posted on Sun Jan 28th, 2024 @ 2:22pm by Rear Admiral Leena Haistro & Commander Peter Horn & Lieutenant Commander Hiro Sommers-Yoshida & Senior Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Stoun

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Mission: Episode 1: Palingenesis
Location: Station Operations


She was starting to feel out of place. Despite her rank of Rear Admiral she was in the science blue collar. This was common at Starfleet Command for those who did not command facilities but groups of people from an office. Perhaps she needed to discuss this matter with Fleet Admiral Fredericks. If she was to command this station she would need to switch divisions. But that was a matter for a later time so she would have to ignore the sideways looks from the junior officers.

She followed Commander Horn into Ops and it was breath-taking in a gothic cathedral like manner. High ceilings, floor to ceiling lighting strips framing the steps up to the Commanders Office like the central alter of a religious centre. It was a veritable visual feast on the eyes. One she had to adapt to quickly as Horn moved through to the central Operations table.

The XO remained quiet for a moment as he glanced around the gathered officers. Surely they did catch the resemblance between their deceased commander and this new arrival? "This is Admiral Leena Haistro," he introduced the woman next to him, the gestured around the table. "Lieutenant Commander Sommers-Yoshida and Senior Chief Stoun," he said, "they are responsible for keeping the station in running order."

"Gentleman, its a pleasure. Sorry to drop in on your unannounced. Command didn't want the station to be without a flag officer for to long given the importance of the region".
She glanced between the two, smiling warmly at them both.

Hiro nodded once in the direction of Rear Admiral Haistro. “It’s good to meet you, ma’am.” He wanted to ask the obvious question but refrained from actually doing so. Time would tell if what he thought was right or not.

"Welcome ma'am." Stoun looked up from his diagnostics at the flag officer now standing in the ops. "What can we do for you?"

"What is the status of the station after the recent... challenges?"
She asked of the two engineers knowing they would be the pair to have been clearing up after the recent military action around the station to retake it.

"Well, not much more than the usual things falling a part I suppose. As always, it is a parts issue. Some things we can replicate, some things we can patch together, some things just need to be ripped and replaced I suppose, recent events didn't really help that. Such is the life of a Starfleet Engineer" The Chief wiped his brow. "I think we are getting back to normalish."

She could tell without her telepathic ability that the Chief was a salt of the earth type. Grounded and very much sure of himself. She trusted him instantly.
"I understand that you are the stations second officer... am I right Lieutenant Commander Yoshida was it not?"

“Yes, that’s correct. I was promoted recently and Commodore Haistro asked me to fulfill this role.” Hiro decided to correct a little, but important, detail. “My full surname is Sommers-Yoshida. I had it changed when I got married.”

"Oh congratulations Commander" she added quickly. "I can only assume Starfleet records are not quite up to date at this stage."

She smiled at him before continuing on. "There are standing orders that seem to have been dropped by the wayside from Command given the recent events and I would like to ask you to see to these being taken care off."

She moved over to the Ops Table in the centre of the room and called up a document that she knew was waiting.
"Some three months ago Command requested that Copernicus be deployed to survey this star system. We have zero understanding of the planets and moons beyond the planet we orbit currently. We know this was a hub or nexus within the T'Kon Empire and we would like to know more... Do you feel up to the challenge?"

Hiro was a little surprised that he was asked for this mission. Of course, he knew the Copernicus and its systems, so actually flying it wouldn’t pose too much problems. Though he never commanded a ship himself and never had been responsible for carrying out a mission. “Admiral, would ‘Commander Carter not be a better choice? Chief Stoun and I still have a lot to do on the station.”

"Commander Carter has her work cut out for her getting Cerberus back into a suitable condition. I will need Commander Horn here with me while I acclimate and you have Chief Stoun who can carry out the necessary repairs... I know its not ideal but you will only be in the local area".
She appreciated his concern but she had read his starfleet file. He may not know it but he had it in him.

“Understood. I’ll get the crew together.” ~This is going to get interesting.~ Hiro thought. “Did Stafleet Command say which of the planets or moons has to be surveyed first?”

"And Ma'am if I may be so blunt as to ask if we are going to get all of the needed materials and supplies, one of the things that we keep running into is that it feels like we keep this place running on a shoestring, and sometimes my own shoestring that I've needed to use." Chief Stoun turned away from the console and towards the Admiral. "I mean, it ends up being a recurring theme I suppose."

"I will be speaking to our Cardassian Liaison shortly. I will make this a point of interest. See if we can get some much needed components delivered for you" the moment felt awkward, or at least to Leena. She could still feel Keiben in the room. Call it a telepathic echo, nothing close to who he was but enough of a reminder that she was stepping on his toes.

"If you will excuse me gentleman... It was a long journey here and I feel I could use some rest!" she looked at Commander Horn, already knowing he was going to be more than just her right hand man. "Would you mind if we found my quarters next please Commander?"

"Yes of course. As I had indicated that might have taken a little while, but the quartermaster should have found something by now." Peter picked up his PADD and gestured towards the door.

Hiro looked at the Admiral. She did look tired and for that reason he decided not to bother her by asking his question again. There would be time enough for that later. He would follow her and Commander Horn out of Operations and start to get the crew of the Copernicus ready.



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