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Reunited (Part 1)

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2024 @ 10:01am by Lieutenant Commander Liam Reynolds & Lieutenant Amia Telamon MD

955 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Episode 1: Palingenesis
Location: Promonade
Timeline: Current


The decks looked just the same. The shops looked just the same.

The lighting, the smells. The same people he knew a little nodding at him. Some offering commiserations and condolences briefly greeting him.

Teena left them to return to Ty. Liam knowing the other man had missed all 4 of his kids very much. He accepted a good bye hug. Cade too. His son clearly not wanting to leave his cousins.

The boy had come on in leaps and bounds on the trip home. Relaxing finally. Trusting he was safe. Starting to build relationships with his new extended family.

Liam of course had to deal with discovering Kaylee's family had planted a memory and planned to become part of the Reynolds house and the loss of his twin. He was angry and sad. Jon was still alive. He knew that in his soul.

His brother was out there and he would not stop searching.

The Serra family had received dowry, status and now under Betazoid laws half of Liam's assets. They had immediately left the planet as soon as they got their hands on that. It was suspicious. Very suspicious. And with them no longer in the vicinity they could not prove what they had uncovered. And they had made that move while the family trying to deal with a second loss. Despicable.

Liam's mother was now of the mind that they had played them from the beginning and his recent wife was in still fact alive.

And shocked that another matriarch had the ability to pull one over even her. Liam was shocked too as Kaylee HAD to have known and she pulled the wool over his eyes. So whether alive or not that connection was now dead, ruined and his love for her no longer flowed.

"Dad can I have a jumba stick?" his sons voice pulled him out of his revelry.

Liam nodded and went to lean on a corridor wall as the boy joined the queue. He closed his eyes briefly centring himself. Then opened them wide. Something was ..... there was suddenly a feeling of familiarity.

Then he saw her. A female who kept bouncing it seemed back into his life. Someone he adored, loved, respected and they had both been in a number of scrapes saving each other. Was this the goddesses doing?

He walked forward and let their eyes lock.

Amia was startled to find a man approaching her and she was forced to look up from the PaDD she had been studying as she walked along the corridor.

She looked, then looked again more intensely and her eyes began to sting with tears that were forming. After all that she'd been through; after all that had happened to her; suddenly, now, how??

"Liam?" she questioned the evidence before her eyes. She wobbled a bit and reached for the wall to steady her weakening knees. "It can't be......" but it was.

The tears began to flow down her cheeks and the PaDD fell to the floor, buffered by the fitted flooring, it seemed to just flop to one side but Amia wasn't aware of it at all. She stepped, unsteadily towards the apparition of someone she had long thought dead and held her hand out in front of her to touch the vision, expecting it to shimmer out and back into her clearly still damaged mind.

She had thought she was healed to a degree further on than to have hallucinations again. She was sure she'd gotten over those......

The hallucination resisted her hand and as she closed her fingers gently against it's arm, it proved to be a real person.

Looking confused and yet, not comprehending this at all. Amia tried the name again. "Liam?" she whispered, not wanting him to say no, he was John Doe and why did she think he was somebody called Liam............

The tears broke free and coursed down the cheeks of the bewildered doctor's face.

Liam gently moved his hands up and cupped her face. Not even thinking he placed a kiss on her lips. "Yes its me. Its really me."

Amia looked at him carefully and reached out to touch his lips softly. She stared into his eyes and seemed to recognise them more than any other feature. "Yes." she agreed, in a low voice that was almost a whisper. "It IS you, isn't it!"

"I thought........" she stopped as what she had begun to say choked in her throat. She couldn't mention the word dead, she just knew it before she even tried. " Cade...." was all she managed to get out before the tears dried up and she started to shake with the effort of trying to keep them inside.

"You thought I was dead?" Liam asked surprised. "No but Jon they are saying there's a possibility. I was rescued again ... from the "other place", he told her. "And then I was given a commission here to set the planet colony up. Dinosaurs. I mean you know the boy in me couldn't turn dinosaurs down. A short marriage where the wife hoodwinked my entire family. I'm now widowed. Or not depending on what you think but ......." Liam took a breath how did he broach this.

"I was planning to get in touch about some recent events but I wanted to do it in person, unfortunately ermmm Jon went MIA and Kayley supposably passed so I had to head home to Betazed first. Amia your not going to believe .....

"Dad," a voice ran out. Liam bit his cheek. He was seemingly out of time at getting a headsup to Amia in.

Amia stood with her mouth open. If she was bewildered before, she was gob-smacked now.



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