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Feeling More AT Home

Posted on Sun Feb 25th, 2024 @ 2:53pm by Rear Admiral Leena Haistro & Lieutenant JG Abrasax

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Mission: Episode 1: Palingenesis
Location: Science Lab - Docking Ring


Her penultimate stop was to visit her Chief Science Officer, an apparently capable man that Keiben had been very fond off from his reports before he had been possessed, for lack of a better term. He had even started to push through something for the young man, something which she had decided to honour, her own little remembrance of her nephew. Plus it was always nice to start a friendship with some good news.

The door to the science lab parted at her approach and it was much larger than she had anticipated on the interior. Multiple pedestals lined the walls with an array of unusual artifacts and devises not of Federation design.
"So this is why the Admiral assigned me!" she said to herself as she spotted the young man who appeared to be coordinating the activity in the lab.
"Lieutenant Abrasax?"

"Over there," Abrasax directed attempting to keep his frustration at the lack of time. There never seemed to be enough.

"Yessir," Ensign Ursula Koi replied as the 38 year old Betazoid female carrying many padds went to put her delivery on the large collection that has seemed to form over the last several days. Her voice was tight as well but they all knew time was short, a collective sense of urgency was in the air.

Ursula served as an Astrometrics Officer and it is one of the most important positions considering the area of space they were exploring. "I also got that report ready," she told Abrasax from over her shoulder but she noticed a Rear Admiral, in blues no less, approaching.

Abrasax faced Ursula after confirming with another science officer about sensor calibrations they were going to implement on the Copernicus. Then he noticed Ursula looking passed him, and so he heard his name spoken from a Rear Admiral in blue.

"Yes Admiral," he offered his hand and smiled. "What can I do for you?" Abrasax asked.

"I'm just taking myself on a tour of the facilities. I'll be your new Commanding Officer. Admiral Leena Haistro".
Gracefully extending her hand so she could shake his firmly and quickly. "Command didn't tell me much about the science facilities here but it looks like you have your work cut out for you. What are all these devises and artifacts?"

One in particular took her interest and she moved over to it idly running a finger down the smooth surface on the underside of the hook shaped protrusion. It was cool to the touch, as if made of stone but something about it felt different, as if it had a telepathic element.

"Welcome aboard Admiral, initial scans indicate they are ancient in age but still in near perfect condition, they are quite the find." Abrasax explained as he gestured to them while watching the Admiral touch the on particular. "I suspect that it might be difficult to get samples off them for deeper analysis..." His voice trailed off as an idea came to him.

Shavings could be the answer instead of attempting to break bits off. He was so excited he nearly abandoned the Admiral to go organize it but instead approached Haistro. "Admiral, would you like to help with something?" He asked as he mused that Science may have been her original area before command.

"I have a number of things that need my attention right now but in a few days I would be more than happy to pitch in down here... so long as you don't feel that I'm stepping on your toes that is!" she asked, feeling a sense of excitement despite the reasons for her being deployed to the station.

Abrasax nodded. "I'll let you know if you do," he replied and was a little disappointed that she didn't join in since he invited her to.

"Well I will get out of your hair but I wanted to let you know that we will be commencing the system survey that was aborted recently. If this system really was a major hub for the T'Kon before the event that sent its star nova then we need to know more about it." she paused a moment. "Commander Yoshida and yourself will be heading the mission on the Copernicus!"

He nodded again. "I'm already wrapping things up here and see to departure preparations Admiral." Abrasax could feel his hands somewhat vibrating with nervousness. Was he really ready for being a Chief? He'd have to see how things go.

"Well" Admiral Haistro said as she backed away to the door. "I'm sure we will catch up with each other again soon. I'll not get in your way!"
She smiled politely before turning and moving directly for the doors.

"See you later Admiral," Abrasax said and got back to work before leaving the Lab to get ready for the trip out.



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