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Freaky twin link

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2024 @ 9:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Liam Reynolds

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Mission: Episode 1: Palingenesis
Location: Reynolds quarters


The pain device burned his chest. Everyday the same pattern of places where they would administer it. Every day them hoping he would divulge his Federation codes and clearances, the names of colleagues, locations. The questions were endless.

They starved him more and more each day but Jon continued to just state his name and rank. Luckily none of his captors were telepathic. He could cling to his inner mind. The goddesses were yet to appear in any help. Clearly he was to endure this.

As his body was growing weaker as the days, neigh months ..... How long had it been now? rolled on his ability to cling to his mind grew stronger. He knew the only person he stood a chance of getting a link with was his brother but he was so far away. They had managed from a ship in orbit to a planet before.

He was however determined. He knew he would be down as MIA now. He was to be the last to leave the ship but the sneaky bastards beamed in last minute before he could leave as the Andromeda went down.

He could still remember having to send the distress call. No captain ever wanted too. Issuing the order for the evacuation pods and all hands to evacuate.

"Where did they store the information you retrieved from Villianuea?"

"Jonathan Reynolds. Captain."

It earned him another dose of pain. It always did.

He was Lorena Reynolds son dam it. One of the most powerful telepaths on Betazed. He was going to succeed and link with his twin.

"Where is Ulrag residing?"

"Jonathan Reynolds. Captain."

"What is the hierarchy of the Dark ones?"

"Jonathan Reynolds. Captain."

"You will break."

"Jonathan Reynolds. Captain."

It took another 7 days at least but finally he faintly sensed his twin.

His capturers were taking a break. They didn't consider it any danger to annouce and freely talk about there plans now. The shock of seeing the Gul and his croonies this far out had worn off.


He was bloody sleeping.

~Liam he tried again~

The ugly CeTea and the Gul had finished their Kanar and smiled evily as they slapped down the device again.

His body jerked and burned but this time his twin sensed it. Jon used every ounce of his willpower to send everything he could to him before passing out.


Meanwhile Liam sat bolt upright panting heavily. His hands flew to his back. Clawing trying to pull the device away.

"Dad ..."

"Romulans ....." he hissed.

"Dad your scarying me and your bleeding ...."

"Jon ... Romulans .... pain ....."

"Dad I need you to snap out of it. Theres no romulans ...."

"They are going for the Cartels ...." he leaned over and found himself throwing up.

The young boy yelled "Computer connect me to Dr Tellamon. Amia Dads ...

"Romulans ... " Liam said again confused.

"Dads not well,"



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